This is our first Amazing Websites Television Special and it is titled:

“Dubai Seen from the Eyes of an Internet Marketer”

On this facinating episode, we will literally “implant ourselves” inside another TV show! It reminds me as those “Russian Dolls” where suddenly a smaller doll gets inside a bigger doll 🙂

Recently,  my dear friend Andrew Lock dedicated a full episode to the great stuff that we are doing in Dubai on the Internet Marketing World. He shared his amaizng Experience on the “Monte Carlo of the Middle East”

So, what we are doing in this episode is actually “sneaking in”  into his Studio in Salt Lake city to listen to him share his amazing views of Dubai and the great experience he had with us.

If you live in Dubai, you will love the Episode, if you’ve been to Dubai this episode will bring you lots of nice Memories, if  you’ve never been to Dubai, You will surely find this video facinating and you will be even more eager to visit us in the UAE and if you’re a Marketer probably you will already take out your agenda to be part of next year’s Unlimited Power Online event The Most Exclusive Internet Marketing Event in the World!

In any case this is a very special episode and I encourage you to watch it!

Listen to the MP3 version of this Episode

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