Bring Ernesto to Speak in Your Next Event!

Award Winning Sepaker Ernesto VerdugoIf you’re an event organizer, consider booking me for your next event and your attendees will be falling over themselves to thank you.

I’m often told that my message is deep and profound yet it is delivered in such a way that captivates and engages my audience.

Participants consistently enjoy my "down to earth", approachable style.  And very regularly they give me a standing ovation after my speech is over– which will make YOU look great for booking me!

I never fail to over deliver a ton of useful content, combined with interesting stories based on my multicultural background and experience.

I’ve been an accelerated learning practitioner for over 15 years and I’ve been mentored by Jack Canfield and Anthony Robbins themselves and my delivery style is very entertaining! In fact the name of my Training Company is called "Entertraining ETC" This will be a breath of fresh air in any conference or event and surely an antidote to corporate stuffiness!

The size of your event is not important. I’ve spoken in front of groups as small as 5 to as large as 10,000 and my content, tools, stories and practical examples have captivated people from over 50 nationalities in over the 100 countries I have presented in.

I have a vast variety of topics I can cover in almost any length. I can deliver 30-60 to 90 Minute Keynote Speeches or a full week workshop.

For the corporate market my most popular topics are:

-Change Management
-Team Building
-Creative Thinking

For all other audiences, I can share these topics:

-How to Accurately Predict the Future
-How to become Internet Literate

And My Most Popular Topic of Course:

Amazingly Useful Websites!

No audience can resist listening to me for 30 minutes to 90 minutes sharing all the cool Internet resources I share with them. Every time I present this topic I get a standing ovation and very often it generates future engagement enquiries that obviously will make you look amazing as an event orgaznizer (let alone future business)

Here are some Examples of my work as a professional speaker and trainer:

Here’s a Sample of What Happens on My Corporate Team Building Workshops



Here’s a Taste of My Intro’s on Large Events




Here’s a Sample of Me Teaching Internet Marketing on a Workshop Environment




Here’s a Sample of Me Delivering A Keynote Speech




Check Out What Other Experts Say About Me as a Speaker!





I will love to speak in your event and make you look amazing! Please contact our office at info @ and lets connect!

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