On this great episode discover the coolest apps for your iPad and Your iPhone plust the best and most useful websites on the Internet!

I am particularly proud of this episode. This episode is “Chuck-a-block” full of really cool resources. There’s a lot of emphasis on iPhone and iPad apps but also the 4 handy bookmarks and the feature presentation are really cool resources.

On this episode, there is some really interesting footage of a bus inside the canals in Amsterdam and amazing display of iMusic and how an orchestra can be simulated using iPads and iPhones.

This episode is almost 19 minutes long but as every week, I am over delivering value in useful content.

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iMindmap, Useful Websites

Here are some of the cool sites that Ernesto shares with you in this episode

A) www.getaround.com: This is a peer to peer international site where you can rent or offer for rent a car

B) www.floatingdutchman.nl: The latest tourist attraction of Amsterdam

C) www.spypig.com: A great way to find out if your emails have been read or not

D) www.librophile.com One of the coolest websites to get your hands on free ebooks.

E) www.similarsites.com: A very useful free service to help you find more of what you already like

Remember, these are NOT by any means all the resources that I am sharing on the show. But to discover what else is there, you will need to watch the show or if you prefer listen to the episode!

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