On this episode of Amazing Websites Television, I am sharing with you some really interesting Ideas that clever Dutch Entrepreneurs are implementing in the Netherlands. In fact one of them is so incredibly innovative it capture my attention in the weirdest way possible but truth is whoever the owner of this website/offline business is is doing very well without having a product. In fact people are so needy of this service it is almost weird to write about it that’s why you MUST watch the episode to see what I am talking about.

Obviously I am also sharing a number of very cool and useful websites as well.

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Included on this website, here are some of the useful site I am sharing on this episode:

A) www.historious.com This is the absolute way to keep the pages you like and store them forever.

B) www.afterthedeadline.com An amazing ‘plugin’ to help you as a spell and grammar check on any online document

C) www.sxc.hu One of the best resources to get stock photography for free

D) www.netvideohunter.com An amazing Firefox Plugin to download MP3’s and Videos for free

E) www.sharkgroove.com A very useful way to get all the music you would like to hear and create play lists

NOTE: On the Video I teach you a very sneaky way on how you can use Groove Shark and Net Video hunter to fill up your iPod or MP3 Player with FREE Music.

This Episode Was recorded Entirely in Amsterdam and there are some really cool resources also from amazing discoveries i did in Amsterdam itself so make sure to check it out.

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