Wondering What is SEO? or What is RSS? On this Episode of Amazing Websites Television, You’ll discover an explanation to both terms SEO & RSS and get started learning all about SEO from the industry’s most trusted source, Search Engine Land. Review basics of search engine optimization, ranking factors & more.

Today’s episode is really informative. In this show you’ll discover the in’s and out’s of two very basic yet critical parts of the “Internet Puzzle”: What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and RSS (Real Simple Syndication)

During an interview with SEO Expert James Reynolds, who is the CEO of Web Reactivators. Web Reactivators is a really cool company that will help anyone make their website profitable.

I am also sharing 3 super cool iPhone Apps that will make your head spin and I’ll also tell you about a tool that by itself can do the work of an army of sales people and also will help you do follow up as a champion.

This episode is brought o you by Web Reactivators. Please make sure to check out their website and download a free guide courtesy of James Reynolds

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These are some of the resources that I shared on this episode

A) Web Reactivators This site delivers the guarantee of aesthetically designed optimized websites world-wide in 35 days or less.

B) www.appointy.com An online Scheduling software is a scheduler software to help your business to grow exponentially. It’s Free!

C) www.tools.950buy.com/rss-submit This is the most powerful RSS feed management and promotion tool available. The first of its kind for automatically submitting RSS feeds, it is the quickest and most reliable way to submit to the RSS search engines.

D) www.ping.fm and www.pingoat.com A free service that pings or notifies and updates your social networks a snap!

E) www.dragonmobileapps.com This is an easy-to-use speech recognition solutions

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